Behind The Scenes

It’s incredibly important for us to stay current on what’s trending in the design world. There’s a constantly changing tide for many of the elements we design with on a daily basis: tile, fabric, flooring, colours, textures, furniture styles, wall coverings, hardware, fixtures, appliances… and the list goes on! With so many new products coming out every day, we have to work hard and also call on others in the trade to help us keep up. That’s why we frequent events by different suppliers, and also have some of our trusty representatives from different companies come and present their new products directly to us.

And that’s exactly what we did a couple days ago: we listened, learned, and oohed and aahed as new products where shown to us. And now we want to show you! Here’s a VIP behind the scenes look at the latest designs from some fabulous companies… read more

Delicious Designs

There is always, ALWAYS something to be thankful for!

With Thanksgiving being just a few days away, we could come up with a list from each of us to prove this point, but we know that would get rather lengthy and we might lose your attention… so we decided to keep it simple.

But is it just too incredibly obvious to say we’re thankful for…well… design?

You might be thinking “Yes, yes it is,” but before you minimize this page, bear with us while we explain ourselves… read more

Fall In Love With Fall

It’s that time of year again… time to say farewell to summer and welcome in fall! (Okay that sounded way to enthusiastic right? We know it’s difficult, so we’re trying to put a POSITIVE spin on it…) If you’re dreading the thought of the weather turning cooler and the nights growing darker, then try this suggestion:

Go out and buy (or pull out of storage) three essential items to help you enjoy the new season. May we suggest the following…? read more

It’s a short and sweet post this week as we’re busy working on our most recent project (which is coming together beautifully!)

For now, all we can tell you is that it involves…

Sparkle, Dramatic Constrasts & Pretty Blues

(And that we are SO excited for you to see it when it’s finished!)

We can’t tell you where it is yet and we don’t want to ruin the end reveal, so while you’re being so patient…

Here’s a small look into what’s coming! read more

A Colourful Combination

As interior designers, it goes without saying that we love playing with colour! The tones and hues that we combine together can have drastically different effects depending on how it’s done.

This week, we wanted to put the spotlight on…

Orange & Pink!

Are you feeling skeptical? That’s okay. To some it may not seem like the most obvious duo, but it’s actually a great pairing!

Let us show you!
read more

A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time… (okay quite recently), we designed a show home and we fell in love with the way this little girl’s room came together.

As the designers behind it we know we’re completely biased… but once you see it we think that you’ll find it as enchanting as we do!

It’s an adorable mix of whimsical, vintage, soft & sweet.

Come step inside this fairy tale room! read more

Design Tools We Can’t Live Without!

Everyone has something that makes their daily work tasks a little easier to accomplish. Yours may be drastically different depending on what field you work in, but we thought we’d share with you the design tools that are important to us! At first glance you might think, “How does that count as being essential?”

Well, let us explain… here are a few words from each of us! read more

It’s a Canadian Kind of Day

Our incredible country is turning 150 in a few days! So in honour of that we thought we’d give a little tribute to each of our provinces and territories… from a design perspective of course!

We chose something that each area is known for and added a design twist to it. read more

Before and After- A Rustic yet Refined Reading Room

We haven’t done a before-and-after post for quite some time, so we thought today would be a good day for it (and, quite honestly, we REALLY loved how this space turned out so we just HAD to show you)! We enjoy coming up with different concepts for rooms and playing with various materials and accessories to achieve the space we envision. Curious? Take a look!  read more

Taking a Cue from Nature

We crave the outdoors for a reason- it refreshes and energizes us, and therefore helps us to live and work better! As we’ve stated before in previous blogs, we feel that bringing the outdoors, indoors can play a helpful part in living a healthy life.  Of course nothing beats ACTUALLY spending time outdoors- hiking, gardening, swimming, camping… you fill in the blank! But for those times that you can’t get outside (even if it’s summer), it’s good to have a little bit of it inside your home to keep you, well, sane… One way to do this is to take inspiration from nature and incorporate its elements into your design scheme. read more


Just Go!

The long weekend is just one day away! Do you have any plans?! Maybe you think it’s too short of a time to go anywhere… well that depends on what you consider a vacation. If you’re dreaming of sitting at a little cafe in Greece by the clear blue ocean while the sun warms your skin (LOVELY as this sounds) well then no, three days is definitely not enough time (sorry to make you day dream there). Sure you can say you’d “been there”, but in reality you would see the inside of the airport and turn right back around. That doesn’t sound too enjoyable to us!

What does sound great is taking a mini vacation to somewhere local (or fairly local)! There are SO many interesting, relaxing and beautiful places you can go visit and feel like you’ve had a break from the busyness of everyday life. read more

An Outdoor Oasis

We’ve had a few glimpses of sunshine over the last couple weeks (a few…). But in our opinion, ANY amount of sunshine is welcome! And today is a beautiful day! When those first warm rays peek out from behind the clouds and you can actually go for a walk without coming back looking like a wet dog… that’s a good feeling!  On the rainy west coast, sunshine tends to lift our mood and gets us thinking about summer, which we have so patiently (okay not patiently at all) waited for after what felt like an endless winter.

And when it comes to our homes, a little sunshine can make us jump into summer mode… we start making “the lists” (don’t pretend you don’t know what we’re talking about)! You know… power wash the deck, pull out the patio furniture, scrub that barbecue, spruce up the garden, and so on. It may feel like a long list, but it’s worth it! Why? Because it’s a lovely thing to have a space just steps from your door that you can retreat to in the summer. read more

For the Kids (And the Kids at Heart)!

We enjoy designing fun spaces where little kids can just be …kids! When we set up a showhome, we always create an area for them to play while their parents talk with the sales people about all the important adult decisions.

We make each play room different because what fun would it be if they were all the same?!

It’s important to have a space where kids can imagine and dream! Do you have little ones at home that love to play? Is their something in particular they get excited about? Perhaps it’s trucks, or dress up or playing chef… why not take that interest of theirs and create a playroom just for them?

Need some inspiration? Take a look below at a few of the spaces we’ve designed! read more

Fancy Feasts

There’s nothing quite like a home cooked meal shared with family and friends. We’re not chefs… we don’t work at a restaurant and we didn’t attend culinary school, but we do love delicious food! And, from a designers perspective, we can also appreciate the way it’s presented. There’s something appealing about a meal made with fresh ingredients and then plated onto beautiful serveware… it creates an atmosphere that’s pleasing to the senses and to the eye.

In our opinion, there’s at least three key ingredients to a wonderful meal:

  1. Fresh food made with love.
  2. Attention to detail in how you present and serve your meal.
  3. Good company!

Can you have a good meal without lovely serveware? Of course. But for fun… and because we love design, we’ve selected products that we think would be wonderful to cook and serve with and some recipes to go along with them! We haven’t tried all the recipes personally… but they sure sound tasty! read more

Brightening Your Day!

Spring is FINALLY here!!! Whew… we were beginning to wonder if it was ever going to show up! Was that not a crazy long winter?! Now we can look forward to all that spring has to offer: Fragrant blossoms, slightly warmer temperatures, longer daylight hours, hints of sunshine and of course… buckets of rain. Okay, we’re not so thrilled about the rain but what can you do right? We live on the west coast!

Despite the rain factor, spring tends to bring out the desire to freshen up our homes! No, we’re not here to talk about spring cleaning (though we considered it and then decided that simply the thought of it was too exhausting right now). So instead we decided to post about BRIGHTENING up your home! In which case, yes, perhaps we should get cleaning because all of that mess is about to be illuminated!

With the overcast rainy days that are more frequent than sunny days during spring in Vancouver, sometimes you just need to add a little light of your own! read more

Just A Note…

Hello lovely readers! It’s Thursday (and remarkably… it’s NOT snowing at our studio! At least not at this moment (our apologies if you’re reading this and that white stuff is STILL falling outside your window). It was so pretty at first… but really, IT’S MARCH.

We’re all craving a little (okay a lot) of sunshine now! That’s a pretty general statement right? Do you feel like you know us better from it? Probably not.

We try to make our blogs (and Instagram and Facebook page) fun and personal because the whole point of them is to show you why we love interior design and in doing so, introduce you to who we are as a company; we want you to get an idea of what goes on behind the logo of “First Impression Designs Inc.” read more

Buildex 2017

Last week we went down to Vancouver to check out 2017’s Buildex tradeshow. With over 150 exhibitors, there was a lot to see!
So, instead of posting 150 photos and talking about EVERY company represented (we know no one would get to the end of THAT blog post anyways), we chose a select few that stood out to us.

Take a look to see a few of the companies we met! read more

Trend Alert: Watercolour!

Okay, this may not be breaking news as watercolour has been trending for awhile now, but we wanted to draw your attention to it nonetheless because it’s such a BEAUTIFUL and VERSATILE style. It can be soft, bold, vivid, muted, abstract, detailed, modern, rustic (and not to mention difficult to actually create… have you ever tried your hand at it? It takes some serious talent! So kudos to all you watercolour artists out there!)

Watercolour has spread its way into the design world not only in the form of art, but also in accessories, textiles, hardware, dishes, wall coverings… you name it! And over here at our studio, we’re LOVING it! We’ve put together a few photos of past projects to show you how we incorporated the look: read more

Only the Best for Your Guests!

Hello! This post is going to be short and sweet… not because we’ve run out of things to say, but because it’s been BUSY around here! So, when today rolled around and we realized we hadn’t prepared something (oops!)… we had two options:

  • Create a REALLY short blog post that simply said… “Hello! Happy Thursday!” (And that’s all).
  • Or, write a short(er) post to inspire you this week!

We chose the second, as we love to inspire and be inspired! We’ve been on a job site this past week and a half installing two show homes, one of which has a guest bedroom. It got us thinking, why not give some helpful tips on how to create a guest room that feels like a luxury hotel?

So we came up with some ideas to help you out. Take a look!

(Warning: Your guests may never want to leave…) read more

Adventures in Art

Often when we think of a piece of art, what comes to mind are the colours, the brushstrokes, the subject matter… and rightfully so. But that’s only part of the equation (albeit a VERY crucial and large part). But what about the other element… that finishing touch in how it’s presented? You may not realize it but that process is a work of art in itself! 

For a lot of people it’s easy to get stuck in the mindset of thinking a frame is a frame. Pick one up from the store, check it has the right opening size and put your photo/artwork in it. At least it’s framed and now you can hang it on the wall right? We disagree, because what you end up missing out on is the ability to CUSTOMIZE it. read more